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The ownership has been completely settled since October 1986, but it has been in the family since 1892.

The island is located in the Ionian Sea. It belongs to the Echinades archipelago and lies between Ithaca, Astakos, Messologi and Patras. The island is 20 nautical miles from the infamous Onassis Island of “Scorpios”, 20 miles from Ithaca (home of Ulysses), 10 from Astakos, 5 from the new port at Astakos and 1.7 miles from Dioni.

The island covers an area of 95.000 m² and extends to about 24m above sea level at its highest point. The ground cover is predominantly grassland in agricultural form with occasional shrubbery.

No building encumbrances, no legacy issues nor encumbrances of any other kind. The island is not developed, but there is the possibility of a development for electricity and water via the mainland, specifically via Dioni, which is less than two nautical miles away. The island has a jetty for mooring.

According to building law, two storeys plus a roof are allowed to built, i.e. a total height of 7.5 m + 1.20 m for the roof. If only one storey is to be built, then it may only be 4m + 1.20m for dormer windows. In case of residential development 388 m² of living space are allowed and in case of commercial development up to 2.680 m² can be built.

Commission 5% of the purchase price and will be paid by the buyer.